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Made to excite your palate.

Classic Paella  Gluten Free & Dairy Free


A delicious combination of our delightful seafood and succulent chicken combined for a delicious paella.

Seafood Paella  Gluten Free & Dairy Free


Enjoy our seafood paella swarming with calamari, mussels and clams as well as some king prawns all freshly cooked through our Spanish paella.

Meat Lover's  Gluten Free & Dairy Free

For all the meat lovers out there. Enjoy succulent chicken and pork as well as our Spanish slightly spicy chorizo

Vegetarian  Gluten Free & Vegan


A vegetarian's delight. All the flavour of the Spanish paella minus the meat.





If this isn't enough for your taste buds, ask about our sides!


We cater salads, tapas and bread rolls too.

Prices based on adult servings

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